Events in Friedrichshafen and its vicinity

Friedrichshafen’s cultural program has about 300 events per year – from the “Seehasenfest” to the local Carnival, from the festival under canvas with artists from all over the world to the Lake Constance Festival.


from 11. May till 10. June 2019

Since 1989, the international Lake Constance Festival takes place in Friedrichshafen. The program includes classical concerts, theater, literary events, art exhibitions and jazz. For example, the world-famous violinist Janine Jansen will give two concerts this year as Artist in Residence.

Match Race Germany

from 05. June till 10. June 2019

The Match Race Germany is an exciting sailing duel-discipline regatta taking place on the Lake of Constance. Sailing fans can meet the sailing elite of the world by watching the exiting boat against boat duels.

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Sideshow at Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen - Game of Drones

from 07. June till 03. November 2019

Drones are increasingly determining our everyday lives: they are used for surveillance, journalism and agriculture. In combination with artificial intelligence, they are considered the most important war technology since the invention of the atomic bomb.

© picture and text: Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen

Schloss Salem Open Airs 2019

from 16. June till 10. August 2019

Every year in the summer the Salem Open Airs take place. Many great artists were already on stage in the castle park. This year the Fantastic Four, TOTO and Rea Garvey delight visitors.

© picture: Allgäu Concerts

Komm und See – Winzer Festival

from 05. July till 06. July 2019

The wines makers of the Bavarian part of the Lake of Constance invite you to the winemaker-festival “Come and See” to visit their vineyards and to enjoy culinary delicacies, music, culture and arts.

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Seehasenfest Friedrichshafen

from 11. July till 15. July 2019

The “Seehasenfest” is a traditional festival taking place at the lakefront of Friedrichshafen. Special highlight is the firework on Saturday and the peagent on Sunday.

© picture: Tourist-Information Friedrichshafen

Bregenzer Festspiele

from 17. July till 18. August 2019

This year you can experience for the first time Guiseppe Verdi's rousing and eerily beautiful masterpiece Rigoletto.

© picture: Bregenzer Festspiele

ZF Firmenlauf Friedrichshafen

18. July 2019

For the third time, the ZF Firmenlauf 2019 takes place in Friedrichshafen and mobilizes more participants from year to year. This year, around 5000 participants are expected. The company run is a combination of sports, party and company outing. "Team spirit through team sport" is the idea!

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from 26. July till 04. August 2019

The Kulturufer is a big ten-day festival with exciting and entertaining tent events and numerous street artists from all over the world.

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Lakeside Festival Langenargen

from 26. July till 29. July 2019

There's no better way to begin the summer holidays: The municipality of Langenargen treats its guests to a colourful, four days festival cocktail at the Lakeside Festival, which is held before an amazing backdrop of Lake Constance and the magnificent Alps.

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DO-DAYS – The aviation weekend

from 10. August till 11. August 2019

Every year this special aviation weekend is taking place in the Dornier Museum Friedrichshafen. Aviation enthusiasts can marvel at the historical planes and flight shows and they can also make sightseeing flights.

© Picture: Donier Museum Friedrichshafen

Ravensburg spielt

from 07. September till 08. September 2019

A city in game fever. Who doesn't know them, the Ravensburg games and puzzles that make Ravensburg the city of games. On the last summer holiday weekend, the old town turns into a huge game part. Everybody will find something to play…

© Picture: Ravensburg Stadtmarketing

Christmas Market Friedrichshafen 2019

from 29. November till 22. December 2019

Christmas magic fills the cosy village huts on the Friedrichshafen Buchhornplatz, next to the Zeppelin Museum directly on the shore of Lake Constance. The market, with its life-size crib and panoramic view of the lake, is ideal for strolling, enjoying and shopping.

Opening hours:

Monday to Thursday 12:00 noon till 08:00 p.m.
Friday to Sunday 12.00 noon till 08.00 p.m.

Text & Photo: Stadt Friedrichshafen

Landesgartenschau 2020 in Überlingen

from 23. April till 18. October 2020

Überlingen celebrates a garden party throughout the summer of 2020. About 3000 events like concerts, musicals, comedy shows and much more will take place in the Picturesque town on Lake Constance.

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