Friedrichshafen – Idyll with high-tech

Friedrichshafen was established in 1811 and is idyllically located on the main route of the Upper Swabian baroque route. The city was named after the first king of Wuerttemberg, Friedrich I. In July 1900, the first airship developed by Graf Ferdinand von Zeppelin started here. Even today aerospace companies are located in Friedrichshafen as well as automobile and high technology companies.

Of course there is more Friedrichshafen has to offer: the city and its vicinity have many points of interest and touristic attractions. We cordially invite you to visit the city and the Lake Constance region!

The must sees for visitors

Great view from the mole

The 22.25-meter-high look-out at the harbor mole was just built in the year 2000. Together with the roofed mole head it is regarded as the city’s entrance. On two viewing platforms there is space for up to 100 visitors. From here one can admire the beautiful city panorama of Friedrichshafen and the appealing vicinity. Warning: there is no elevator!

Buchhorn fountain in the city center

The original name of Friedrichshafen was Buchhorn. This is what the fountain of the same name commemorates, one of the younger landmarks of Friedrichshafen, located right in front of the town hall. It symbolizes the interaction of past and present, history and mythology, home and world, art and technology.

100 years of aerospace history

As a perfect match the Dornier Museum is located at the airport. There are more than 400 exhibits from the haunting century of modern aviation history on 5.000 square meters: many original airplanes, historical documents of the Dornier group and the entrepreneurial family.

The old residence

Originally the castle was a conventional priory of the Benedictines since 1654. In 1806 it became property of the king of Wuerttemberg. Today Friedrich Duke of Wuerttemberg lives here with his family. Therefore the castle can only be visited from the outside.

The castle church (Schlosskirche) – landmark of Friedrichshafen

The castle church was built from 1695 to 1701 and is the most important historic building of the city and at the same time its landmark. Both of the 55 meters High Dome towers are visible from afar. It is numbered among the famous Upper Swabian baroque buildings.

Wandering the waterfront

Friedrichshafens waterfront is long and beautiful. Cozy street cafés and shops line its front and invite for a stay. In the harbor the ships of the “White Fleet” cast off heading to all important places on Lake Constance.

A fountain and a memorial for the city’s most famous son

The Zeppelin fountain, located in close proximity to the city’s train station is a reconstruction of the original from 1909. However, the fountain figure has been conserved in its original to a great extent. In the municipal garden an impressive bronze column rises 13 meters into the air – the Zeppelin memorial. Her inscription quotes Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin (1838-1917): “You only have to want it and believe in it, and then it will succeed“.

Technology and art in the Zeppelin Museum

Zeppelin Museum is located in the former harbor station at Lake Constance. It was opened in 1996 and hosts the world’s largest collection on history and technology of the Zeppelins. Furthermore it hosts the Friedrichshafen art collection – with some of the greatest masters in southern Germany from medieval ages to the present.